Bullet Journal Companion App Reviews

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Entries Self delete after 48 hours :-(

I know this is a supplement to a physical journal, but I wish I’d known the entries disappear after 48 hours. Completely defeats the purpose for me. Feel like I just wasted my $$


There are other apps, *FREE* apps that do more than this app. This app is a superfluous addition to one’s productivity. You do not need it. As I already use DayOne, Evernote and Google Calendar, so my digital journaling and tasks are fully covered, tagged, archived, and easily searched. Alarms and reminders are fully covered, *AND* cross platform friendly (smartphone —> tablet —> pc). I happily paid so I could try this app, evaluate it, and give credit where it’s due, but honestly, the Bujo app is unnecessary. Save your money.

Waste of money

Don’t buy this app! It does NOT function like a bullet journal AT all. You can’t export anything and your writings/notes are deleted after 48 hours.

Very limited

I was disappointed in this app. It offers very little. I was hoping something that would allow you to scan all your pages and offer tagging or text recognition. It only lets you scan your index pages and cannot recognize text. At the least this app should be offered as a freebie to promote sals of their notebooks. The best companion to the notebooks is Evernote. You can scan all pages and recognize text in them.

I wish the library was more customizable

I love the app, and how it has all you need to know about bullet journaling in one place but I catalog my books differently from how it’s set up. I want to be able to change the name of the volume and add more pictures to the index since mine are more than 4 pages. Also having a place to keep long term collections on your phone would be great so that you can reference what you’ve written in other books that you don’t have on you at the moment.


Super busy, so much to organize... Bullet Journal is my everything, then I flesh out projects in Trello. This app is absolutely perfect in allowing me to capture my notes/tasks/etc. exactly how I use my bujo. Great design and, unlike using other note taking apps on my phone, this one allows me to focus on what’s important.

Cool App with poor grammar

I really enjoy this app so far! It’s great to pair with your bullet journal as an accessory. Yet, the grammar is pretty terrible! Please have your writers edit /code properly before publishing any excerpts. Especially because this bullet journaling includes a lot of writing!!! Other than that, the app is great!

Been trying to reach, well anyone

Can't do it from the app, says I need an email address in my settings app. I have that. It's not registering. Videos don't load. There is no helpful information. Waste of money, sorry wanted to like this.

Don’t waste your money.

This app is next to useless - don’t waste your time or money, you won’t find Bujo inspiration here!


I dislike that there are no settings for this app. I would like the option to shut off the sounds, change the log to put newer logs at the bottom instead of the top, and change the background photo. I would give this four stars if this app was free but it was not and I feel that if I am paying for an app then it should be great. This is just a quick guide to the bullet journal articles and a link to buy more bullet journals. Please make this more functional.

Love the simplicity. Definitely a companion.

I really love the app!!! I love anything having to do with minimalism. I see a lot of people mad at the fact there's a lot of the same info from the site here. Don't get me wrong I agree. But the main thing for me is being able to use the log. Especially at work where I'm not able to have my journal all the time. I simply place in there what I need and migrate it on my last reflection. I think a lot of people want it to be more (digital journal maybe?) and it's not supposed to be that. It's called a companion for a reason. It's not supposed to replace your journal but compliment it. We should be able to to go to the next line whenever we want when typing notes. Especially for lists.

Easier reflection!

It’s easier to reflect, now that the clicks are gone. They were the only grating feature and I’m happy they’re removed!

Like it, but wish it had more logging ability

I’ve been using the general Bullet Journal system for over a year, and it’s been very effective for me. I hoped the logging function of this app would be more practical, which would have allowed me to consolidate my digital note-taking needs (which mostly revolve around bullet journal related stuff) into one app. The app doesn’t even let you copy/paste (from or to), and theres no convenient way to import or export anything. Up to this point, that hasn’t happened, which is okay — I get that it’s not really a full-fledged note app, but I’d be willing to pay for an app that blends what’s in this app with the expanded note functions of other apps. That said, without more of that kind of functionality, I don’t really need yet another app on my phone taking as much space as this one does without doing much of anything.

Glad to give him money but not for app

The app might be able to help someone set up their first journal. But not much that can be done on the website. It tracks whether or not you do reflections. But that to me sounds like something to use bullet journaling for in the first place. That said bullet journaling is awesome. Thanks for creating bullet journaling, but not this app

Great option

I loce my bujo but sometimes my phone is easier, quicker or just more practical than digging out a color coded pen and journal. This app keeps it all together until (48 hours) i can update my bujo. It also gives good instruction through the article section and guides.

Love this app, great for procrastinators!

For people who are complaining about the 48 hour rule, you should know that this app really is not supposed to be a standalone “to do” app. For those looking for that sort of thing, try Any.do app. It’s excellent. There is a reason that the tasks disappear from this app. I have an actual paper Bullet Journal and I am really excited about this app. I love that the tasks go away, because when I used to use the Any.do app, I would end up with 50 tasks on it & it would make me really stressed out. I am a terrible procrastinator, so the fact that the tasks go away really helps me. If you Google “how to use the Bullet Journal,” you will understand why the tasks disappear. The idea is that if the tasks are really important, you were either migrate them to your handwritten Bullet Journal, or you or you will take care of them right away and get them off your plate. Beside Googling “Bullet Journal,” you can also go on YouTube for information about how to use this app in tandem with a Bullet Journal, or at the very least, to understand the concept of the Bullet Journal. The YouTube site “How to ADHD” has tons of information about how to use a Bullet Journal. And on that channel, there is an interview with the developer of this app! He explains everything in detail. Please take the time to understand this app and the Bullet Journal, because it is worth it. And to the developer, please don’t get rid of the function that makes tasks disappear after 48 hours! Perhaps you could add a separate function that allows people to keep all of the tasks if they want to, maybe like an archive. Or a separate section of the app. But part of the whole point of this app is that the tasks go away. I love that they go away. Helps me procrastinate a lot less. Again, for those looking for an excellent “to do” app, try Any.do. And I love the sound effects. They help to motivate me. One issue: often when I log something and go back to edit it, the screen freezes. Same with when I want to mark a task as done in the log or delete it. Screen freezes at times. To the developer, any advice? Because of this, I have to give only four stars. Otherwise, great app!

Log needs debugging

Love that there’s now the Log on the app, but with a few up/down swipes, the “X” and the trash can are no longer available. It’s a minor issue I know, but I just want it to work right.

Not that useful

I don’t find the app to be that useful and the 48 hour limit needs to go. I would like to be able to reflect and look back at things down the road, like with the paper bujo.

Inflexible Week

Not everyone works Monday through Friday. I work Friday through Monday, across the weekend, so setting up reminders for “weekdays and weekends” doesn’t work. It would work better if the user could set up reminders for each day of the week. Other than that, I love it.


I just started Bullet Journaling, and wish I had discovered it years ago! I don't use the library feature yet, so I'm sure this app will help out a lot more in the future, but right now having the ability to quickly log something in my phone when I don't have my journal onhand is very helpful. I especially appreciate that 3d touch allows me to add something straight from the homepage.

Sound FX’s unnecessary & annoying

Can’t recommend this app. For 2.99 you get an annoying sound FX with every entry unless you mute your phone as there are no settings. You also can log your journals in the library by entering the dates covered and pics of the index pgs but nothing is searchable unless you add tags. You would need to have a whole lot of journals to make this even remotely useful. The final feature is a spot to make notations in case you forget your journal but anything you enter on this page disappears after 48 hrs. So my advice is save your 2.99 and just make a note on your phone, send yourself an email or text or make an entry on your calendar. All of those apps are much more useful and bonus they are free unlike this app which is a complete and total waste of money.

Cloud upload would be great

This app is a great tool to use in conjunction with your bullet journal. However, I would recommend a cloud upload feature so that when users change phones they don’t have to re-enter all their bullet journals.

Disappointed About 48 Hour Rule

If it were mentioned in the description that logged items would disappear after 48 hours, I would not have downloaded the app. I was hoping to use the event log for events that go past my future log. The one thing that caused me to struggle with bullet journaling is the inability to put log events or tasks that occur far past the next six months (the length of my future log). I was excited when I saw the app mentioned on the How to ADHD channel, but immediately disappointed when I realized my items were only temporary.

Please make sounds optional

Good and minimal app. Please please make they clicking sounds optional. They are really aggravating and I don’t want to have to mute my phone every time I need to use this app


I have no idea how such a simple app is so pleasant to use...but it is. The background photos are just beautiful, and the articles are laid out in such an aesthetically pleasing way that I love browsing through them throughout the day, instead of defaulting to browsing social media. No visual clutter. The log is great for when things pop into my head when I'm lying in bed or not in a place where I can easily write them in my bullet journal. (They disappear after 48 hours so that they don't cause clutter like every other note taking or reminders app does. The reflection part is there to remind you to check in and update your journal.) I'm not one to spend money on apps but for some reason, this was an easy choice.👍🏼

Really half a star, but you know....

If I could rate it lower than one star I would. Total garbage. Don't waste your money! And that IS what this “app” is, a waste of money.

Info I could’ve gotten from Pinterest

There are no useful functions to this app. Waste of money.

Awesome Companion

Comes in handy when I'm on the go. Tons of stuff pops into my head throughout the day, and it's so crucial to have a place to put them that's convenient and portable.

The website, but for money

It’s just the text of the website, pretty much, with minimal journaling capability—they go away after a day or two. Hard pass. Wish I could get a refund.


Bulletin journals are great. This app is not. $5 for this? I want a refund.

Love the ongoing updates

As an early user of the app I've found the evolving features helpful. Keep up the good work for this great app that merges the analog with digital worlds.

Great app addition to my journal!

As an event planner I'm not always with a pen and paper. I always have my phone and it makes it easy for me to make the notes I need to and then be able to transfer them into my journal when I'm available to do it.

Nice app

One suggestion. I wish it would warn you an hour before a task disappeared. That way tasks don't go into the ether.

Great Companion!

I am in my first year of Bullet journaling. I prefer pencil and paper but am sometimes without either. The app is a great way to keep a constant place to record and plan on the go.

Great companion

Initially I bought the app to support the creators of the Bullet Journal as I really appreciate the concept/method. I have been using the method at work, school, gym and home. It is simple and easy to use. The app is just that, simple.and easy to use. If you don't use the method you may find it confusing as to why the log on the app is so useful but try it out. Really try out the method. Modify it to fit your needs. You don't need to overcomplicate anything. If you have stuff to work on and need to hold yourself accountable try the method. If you are new then the app is a great place to learn the steps of setting up a basic journal. Great interface. Thank you.

New to Bujo

I got this app to learn more about bullet journaling and I decided if I was going to learn the system I would get the app and the Bullet Journal from the store. I will post again later after I am more experienced. I have tried normal journaling but never stuck to it and before I retired I always used the Franklin system. I started using a blank book a few months back but found myself wondering if the Bullet Journal will be more interesting and fun. So far Ryder's system is working for me and helps me remember things as I get older. Don't laugh you will be there someday.

Good at what it does

I enjoy writing in my bullet journal but often I don't have the time. The app makes it easier for me to capture my thoughts and use the journal.

Love this.

This App is great! Love its upgrades.

Love it!

The app is a great companion to my Bullet Journal. It allows me to brainstorm on the go without having to take out a pen. I especially appreciate the scheduled reminders that pop up on my phone. It's helping me become more organized!

Needs Art Applications, Bland App

I was hoping for this application to have more. I mean for a fleeting thought... I could write that down quicker than I can type it in. Time limit on storage Makes me uneasy about keeping anything on this app. I appreciate the motivational additions, but truly feel this application offers nothing more than a tutorial.


To assist in making the best use of my analog bullet journal. I just wish it were a little more flexible for input... what and when I need to utilize it. Eventually would love to digitize my entire Bujo, not just the index. 🙂

Unexpectedly Useful

I've just started using the Bullet Journal and both get this app as a way to learn how to use it but I am pleasantly surprised with how useful it is for journaling. It is chock full of great information plus handy tools to make quick notes on my iPhone to later write in my journal. This is not a replacement for the journal, rather it accompanies and compliments the Bullet Journal. Well worth the money

Very helpful

Very informative and fun to use. A helpful guide to bullet journaling. And a great way to record notes

Good but the reflection quotes...

Definitely room for improvement, primarily with the reflection. I've read the same quotes a ridiculous amount of times. Seriously, there are 1000's of quotes to reflect on out there. Can't imagine it being that difficult to add more. Aside from that, it's a great app for references on improving on my bujo and temporarily storing items when on the go. But PLEASE add more quotes! I appreciate the daily reminders to stop & reflect but find myself rolling my eyes when the same quotes pop up time & time again.

Good assistant

This app is a good assistant for bullet Journaling. However I wish there were more ways to digitally log the pages of the journal. Maybe add a way to highlight and sort important information on pages and create some sort of glossary. There are the tags but it doesn't work very efficiently.

A lovely add-on

Like many, I didn't think I needed this app, but bought it for the sake of showing Ryder some appreciation. That said, it turns out that this app directly solves the two key challenges I encountered when I started with BuJo, and had managed to earn a position in one of the precious spots on my home screen. As others have pointed out, this app doesn't do a whole lot, and it doesn't _really_ do anything you can't cobble together from built-in iOS apps. But it brings everything together into a format that is much more effortless. It never aspires to be anything more than an app that will help improve your practice of bullet journaling, and that clear focus is a big factor in why it works so well. That said, I give it four instead of five stars for some bugs in the Articles section: I get no audio when watching videos, and sometimes articles don't load (or take a long enough time that ai give up). Also, I'd like to see a badge to help remind me to reflect in addition to the message in the Notification Center.


I've been using BuJo for about a year. I occasionally have to reference older notebooks. This app created an easy way with pictures of past indexes. The 48 hour delete window and reflection reminder are a great help to keeping my BuJo up to date.

Tags don't save

I'm excited to use this app. It has a few features I intend to use regularly. One of them is the tag feature in the library. The tags don't save. I watched the video to make sure I was doing it right, I followed the instructions, but they still don't save. Seems like a bug in the system since another reviewer cited the same issue. Any news on when this will be fixed? I can't find any info on how to contact support, so here it is in the review. I'd love to give this app 5 stars.

Companion For Sure

Looooooooove it and thank you! Aloha

Nothing Special

I was hoping thus app would enhance my bujo experience, but it hasn't. The reflection is essentially a reminder. I now find it silly to have paid $3 for a feature that I can simply achieve through using the stock reminder iPhone app. The library feature seems to be missing functions. I accidentally set up two July libraries and wanted to delete one, but there seems to be no delete function. Also, I have no idea how the tags work, because when I search for a tag I created, nothing is found. I'm hoping the app will continue to develop and make the bujo experience better.

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